Industrial automation valve
complete solution
GEROYAL, as a manufacturer and
supplier of high quality industrial control valves,
is headquartered in England

Control Valve

GEROYAL company regulating valve with a new design concept, a full range of modular design. Just replace the valve member can be formed within a valve different structures. Trim rich product types, meet the requirements of most industrial automation systems. Wherein the inner member of various structures of a comprehensive upgrade, such as single-seat quick release valve structure, the valve sleeve imported balanced seals, longer life. Innovative integral stuffing structure, user-friendly replacement, while special packing structure to ensure that the valve stem sealing parts of a long-term stable and reliable.
In the field of industrial automation and process control, control valves by accepting adjust the control signal output from the control unit, with the power to change the operation of the media flow, pressure, temperature, level and other parameters of the final control element. In the modern factory automation, and plays an important role in regulating valve, the plant's production depends on the flowing medium proper distribution and control. These control whether energy exchange, or simply reduce the pressure feed container, are required to complete some final control element.
GEROYAL company also tailored to users of the service, at a high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, wear, corrosion, and other occasions, can provide a full set of control valve one-stop solution.